Dog Tick removing

November 29th, 2014

DogUsually ticks are removed using tweezers, as a man trying to catch the parasite as possible closer to the head, then pulls it out. By using this method, however, portions of ticks often remain fixed on the skin.
Ticks love places like that around the eyes and ears, where the use of this method leaves permanent scars. But there is an easier and painless method for the removal of parasites. Start rubbing tick roundabouts, by imagining that you are trying to go. Rotate in only one direction.
Method takes less than a minute – if it does not work, make sure that the body of the parasite moves in a circle. I doubt ticks to literally dizzy, but there is something in this movement, which they do not like them to be plucked. The only problem with this method occurs when you try to remove the tick in the early stage of bites. The tick remover tool helps with this job and takes out the whole tick from the skin.
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Dogs coat care

October 12th, 2014

dog coatcareWhen your dog is tapped after wetting, it is almost dry. To dry, you can use a clean towel. In the dogs coat care are mandatory the metal comb, brush and glove cleaning the dust. Still in its infancy little dog must get used to care for his coat. Start with short brush in which must be checked ears and nails. This procedure is done very carefully and ends with a long and commendable stroke.
Gradually quickens the procedure, and later began to use the comb and thoroughly checked ears and nails. This should be a pleasant experience for the few, so that at any time it is ready to show the ears and paws. Moulting takes place twice a year and during this period the hair care are important, well skilled breeders increase the amount of carotene and biotin in the dog’s food.
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Minerals for your dog

October 10th, 2014

Dog mineralsThe minerals are vital for puppies and adult dogs. Bone meal, calcium, phytin, glycerophosphate, mineral supplements, incorporating all the necessary components play an important role in bone formation puppy. You need to know and remember that each breed amount of minerals to be different. Best contact for advice to a club to the head of the section for your breed.
Overdose of mineral supplements puppies can cause fragile bones, which probably will mean of fractures. In adult dogs surplus mineral supplements is eliminated. The enough dose of minerals for your dog will guarantee the strong growth and power. The Pets supplements store will give you large variety of nutritional supplements and medicines for your strong and powerful dog.
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Norwich Terrier

August 15th, 2014

Norwich TerrierThe history of Norwich Terrier begins in the 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century it and Norfolk Terriers were considered the same breed. In 1964, they were defined as two separate breeds, the difference between which are the only ears – in Norfolk terriers are dropping, while Norwich terriers are facing. The representatives of the breed are small and stout bodies, covered with straight, rough to the touch fur. They are one of the smallest terriers. Coloration occurs in all shades of red, gray and wheat, or a combination of black and white. The height of the Norwich Terrier is about 25 cm and weight – 5-6 kg. The head is slightly rounded cheekbones, square muzzle, large dark eyes and face. Neck and limbs are short, and the tail is medium length and is worn on top.
The gogs of this breed are loyal, active, brave and curious. They are very social and get along well with children and other pets. Strangers are also friendly. Long periods to be alone do not reflect well. Although it can sometimes be quite stubborn, quickly submit training as very intelligent.
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How to feed the small dog

August 11th, 2014

Puppy foodFeeding the dog already completed their growth must also be consistent with a number of factors – breed, weight, physiological status and more. Definitely giving only the high quality food will help your dog to grow and to be strong. Using the Pro Plan food at Purina store, will guarantee healthy growing of the small puppy.
For example, if your pet is neutered he is prone to obesity and its menu should be rich in fat, but to be consistent with his condition. His diet should be moderate calorific value and possibly more – high in fiber. This is also true for inactive dogs. Is not necessary and constant change in the menu of your dog. It can survive and be healthy life with only one food if it is balanced and consistent with its peculiarities.
Inadequate and unbalanced diet leads to disruption of the digestive function and usually develops Gastritis.
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July 29th, 2014

PointerThe Pointer is obtained by crosses between Fox Hounds, Grey Hounds, Blood Hounds and Setters in the middle of the 17th century. The representatives of the breed are excellent hunting dogs, with a very good nose. The Pointer has a weak body, with well-shaped muscle, covered with short, skintight, shiny coat. Coloration occurs in white, Liver, yellow, orange or black. It may be monochrome or mottled colors listed. The height of the representatives ranges from 54 to 62 cm and their weight – from 20 to 30 kg. The head has a long muzzle, hanging ears and big round eyes. The neck is long and thick tail. The Pointer is an intelligent, loyal, energetic and friendly dog. Certainly well with children, but is not suitable company for small pets such as cats or rodents because there are pronounced hunting instincts. With strangers kept reserved. Is needed socialization from an early age. Otherwise, representatives of the breed can become shy. The training can be difficult. For this reason, their owner must have experience in growing dogs.
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Plott Hound

July 17th, 2014

Plott HoundThe Plott Hound comes from North America. The representatives of the breed named after the family that started its breeding in the 18th century. Plott Hound is a good helper in hunting bears, wolves and badgers. The dogs of this breed have weak bodies with well developed muscles, covered with soft, shiny and short hair. Coloration occurs in Brindle, Liver, orange, yellow, brown, gray, blue or black. The height of the representatives ranges from 50 to 64 cm and their weight – from 18 to 27 kg. The head is slightly rounded cheekbones, square muzzle, dark eyes and thin, hanging ears and upper lip. The neck is muscular, limbs and tail are long. Plott Hound is loyal, friendly, intelligent, curious and brave dog. Certainly well with children and other pets. Strangers behave suspiciously. Lends itself easily to training, but it should be used only positive methods.
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July 14th, 2014

OtterhoundThe Otterhound is a rare dog today. The representatives of this dog breed were used mainly for hunting otters. By reducing the population of otters began to decline and the number of Otterhound. Today, only about 1,000 known representatives of the breed. Otterhound has a great body covered with shaggy and rough to the touch fur. Coloration occurs in various colors, but most often in a combination of black and tan. The height of the representatives ranges from 60 to 69 cm and their weight – from 36 to 53 kg. The head is large and sloping, rectangular muzzle, dark eyes and nose, and long, hanging ears. The neck is wide and muscular. The Otterhound is intelligent, friendly and fun dog that loves his family a lot. He is very social and gets along well with both children and other pets and even strangers. If you are looking for a guard dog, Otterhound is not the right choice for you. He can be quite stubborn at times, but his upbringing should use positive methods. Representatives of the breed will feel better if kept in a house with a big yard average as they are full of energy. They love to run and swim. Their life expectancy is about 16 years.
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July 2nd, 2014

PUGThe exact origin of the pug is not clear. The only thing known for sure is that this is an ancient breed, whose representatives are guarded Tibetan temples. Today they are popular circus, good company and beautiful fashion accessories. The pug is a little stocky body covered with short, soft hair. Coloration occurs in silver, black, beige or apricot with black mask on the muzzle. The height of the representatives is about 25-28 cm, and the weight is between 6 and 9 kg. Pug head is round and covered with wrinkles. There are large, dark eyes, drop ears and very short muzzle. Legs straight and strong, and the tail is carried curled over the back. The pug is a charming, cheerful, kind, curious and intelligent dog. He is very social and gets along well with everyone – children, other pets and strangers. The representatives of the breed is amenable to training, but because they are very sensitive, you need to use only positive techniques. They will feel better if they are kept in an apartment.
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Newfoundland Terrier

June 21st, 2014

Newfoundland TerrierNewfoundland Terrier for centuries helped fishermen drawing in nets fish from the ocean was their pleasant company during the long days and saved shipwrecked. Today representatives of the breed are popular dogs. Newfoundland Terrier has a large and muscular body covered with coarse, waterproof coat. Coloration is usually found in black, but can also be gray, brown, or a combination of white and black. The height of the representatives ranges from 65 to 72 cm and their weight – from 45 to 69 kg. The head is large and wide, with small, dark eyes and medium-sized hanging ears. The neck is strong, and the tail usually hangs down.
Newfoundland Terrier is intelligent, loyal, gentle and friendly dog. He is very social and gets along well with other pets and strangers. These gentle giants have nicknamed nanny dogs because they are wonderful with children. Have developed defensive instincts and whenever necessary, are prepared to protect the family. Very attached to their owners and adapt very difficult if you have to replace them. Representatives of the breed will feel better if kept in an apartment, but must regularly appear on the walk.
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